Iranian Ambassador to Moscow Kazem Jalali said on Monday that Tehran is interested in buying the latest Russian weapons, stressing that Moscow is a priority partner in military cooperation.

“Of course this is the case,” Jalali said, in response to a question whether Iran was interested in acquiring new weapons from Russia.

He continued: “We will consult with Russia about what we need in order to strengthen our defense capabilities. The Russian government and the Russian people have been and are still on our side in difficult times. Russia is also a priority partner for us. There are great opportunities in this field, and we hope that our relationship will be strengthened in this field over time.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian Hassan Rouhani recently stressed the continuation of cooperation between the two countries, the protection of the nuclear agreement, and the confrontation of U.S. unilateral efforts to extend the arms embargo imposed on Iran.

According to a statement issued by the Iranian presidency, Rouhani stressed, during a telephone conversation with Putin, on “the continuation of comprehensive cooperation between Tehran and Moscow,” adding “we appreciate Russia’s support for the nuclear agreement.”

The U.S. has warned against allowing Iran to purchase weapons and called on the U.N. Security Council to impose another arms embargo against the Islamic Republic.

Iran has vowed to respond to any attempts to reimpose the arms embargo, which is set to expire this October.

Source » almasdarnews