Iran government deviating projects in Critical Situations

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IRGC – Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

IRGC – Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

Khatam-al Anbiya Construction Headquarter

Khatam-al Anbiya Construction Headquarter

These days Iran’s people are suffering from many disasters that the regime gifted them. From poverty and unemployment to the power outage and now water scarcity in most areas of the country and the worst-hit Khuzestan province.

Besides the repression of the people when they decide to protest such situations, in fear of the escalation, expansion, and getting out of control of such protests targeting the entire rule as we have witnessed it in recent years there are many regime’s elements who try to calm down and deviate the people’s demands from a regime change, unfortunately, there are other people who in favor of this regime are doing the same thing.

Known as celebrities, these people are becoming very infamous to the people, and they are hated. From calling on the mothers of the victims of the 2019 protests to calm down to inviting the people to participate in the regime’s sham elections, their job is to pour salt on the wounds of the people.

Now with the events of the water scarcity in Khuzestan, one of the celebrities Narges Kalbasi, infamous for her support for the regime, started a mineral water support campaign for the Khuzestan region. People from all around the country angry about such an action reacted extremely frustrated on social media. Without any other comment below we will show some of the many samples which indicate the people’s awareness about such people and their actions which is aligned with the regime’s failed so-called reformist project, calling on any event to ‘avoid violence’, accepting ‘this’ situation and the regime, while any other solution would be worse than the current situation.
The Comments of the People:

“Hear from the initiative of a tasteful citizen of Khuzestan who filled Karun with mineral water”

“It does not matter if it is a flood or an earthquake or a water shortage problem for farmers and ranchers

“I wish I could send them bulletproof vests instead of mineral water. Damn your black heart.”

Are they in need of mineral water, if they want, they will gather and buy the mineral water of the whole country.

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