Iran protesters target Khamenei in anti-regime protests

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IRGC – Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

IRGC – Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

Massive crowds in Izeh, southwestern Iran, chanted against the regime’s Supreme Leader in protests that started six nights ago against severe water shortages in Khuzestan Province.

“Down with Khamenei!”

“Khamenei must die!”

“We don’t want the Islamic Republic!”

“Fight! Fight! We are all together!”

The last time Iranians chanted against Khamenei in such numbers was during the 2019 nationwide protests.

Protesters clashed with riot police and threw rocks.

In other cities in Khuzestan, Iranian Arabs continued their protests for the sixth night.

Protesters in Susangerd set a tank, a relic of the Iran-Iraq war, on fire.

Riot police were dispatched to the cities in large numbers and used brutal force, sometimes lethal, against protesters. They shot tear gas and directly targeted locals with guns.

Unconfirmed local reports indicated that at least two young protesters were killed in Izeh.

Many more were injured in several cities in the province.

Internet disturbances were reported in several cities in Khuzestan Province.

Iranians in the capital, Tehran, also chanted against the regime in the morning while waiting at a metro station.

“Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran!”

“Down with the principle of the Supreme Leader!”

In Karaj, near the capital, locals at the Golshahr Metro Station chanted against the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

“IRGC shame on you! Release the country!”

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