Earlier this week, an Iraqi official revealed to the Sputnik News Agency that Baghdad is preparing to reopen the Al-Qa’im crossing with Syria.

This agreement by Baghdad and Damascus will see the first official crossing that links Syria and Iraq since the Islamic State’s (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) defeat.

However, the reopening of the Al-Qa’im crossing is not only good news for the Syrian and Iraqi governments, but it is also a major victory for Iran, who has plans to build a railroad from Tehran to Beirut.

It has been no secret that Iran sees the border city of Albukamal as a key fixture to their future land bridge that links Iraq and Syria.

The reopening of the crossing will also allow the governments of Iraq, Iran, and Syria to use the international highway, which has been closed since the emergence of the Islamic State.

In the long-run, the international highway could help Iran evade the Western-led blockade of their oil to Syria, especially given the latest seizure of their Grace 1 tanker off the coast Gibraltar.

Source » almasdarnews