Greek billionaires and ship owners involved in smuggling Iranian oil to Asia for illicit cash payments.

A few tankers smuggled Iranian oil to Asia in recent month despite U.S. sanctions against such shipments. The oil was loaded onto the tankers with forged documents showing fuel was Iraqi bound to Singapore.

Referring to this activity, we have obtained reliable information from maritime sources in Fujairah port, indicating that an Iraqi company named AISSOT was involved in this illicit activity. AISSOT is very much dependent on chartered tankers from “Capital Ship Management” owned by a Greek tycoon: Evangelos Marinakis.

Furthermore, a second Greek owned maritime firm was mentioned, Avin International S.A. – owned by Vardis Vardinogiannis which is, according to our sources, deeply involved in cooperation with the Iranian regime to assist them to bypass sanctions.

Recently one of Avin’s vessels, Kriti Island received an STS oil delivery from Iraqi VLCC Najaf at Khor al Zubair, an oil shipment headed to Singapore.

Another Greek owned operation was sighted recently in Khor al Zubair (Iraq), when the VLCC Najaf conducted STS oil delivery to the Greek vessel South See bound for Singapore. South See is owned by Dynacom Tankers Management LTD. Greek owner and chairman – George Procopiuo.

We have learned, some of the payments from Iranian government for the Greek companies’ operations is being paid directly to owners above, payments are being done mainly in cash through Iranian representatives at Basra port and Syria, upon completion of delivery of smuggled oil to its destination.

Needless to say, this activity is also a violation of the AML act and can also be regarded as TAX evasion, all potentially are a criminal act as well.

We call upon the international community and local Greek authorities to act immediately and halt this activity at once, based on all the information and documents we have provided so far, which proves the above statement.

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