Information received from a senior diplomat stationed in Brussels

Information received from a senior diplomat stationed in Brussels:

“Iranian regime takes over and exploits Syrian maritime main ports to create a commercial transit corridor to the Mediterranean Sea, and simultaneously operates a land route (corridor) for the same purpose – to sell its oil globally in order to receive payments despite U.S. sanctions”

Recently, Iran is operating to gain full control of two strategic ports in Syria designated to fulfill its needs to deploy its oil by land and maritime shipments to avoid U.S. sanctions, aimed at their oil and gas industry and their ability to trade with international clients.

The senior diplomat stated two main ports which are currently active for the Iranians to serve their purposes:

1. Latakia port (Syria)

ifmat - Latakiaa1

IRGC is using its proxy Hizballah (terror group) to establish maritime and financial companies. These companies are operating all aspects of the port (including financial front to receive cash payments from abroad), all of which to serve the Iranian commercial and military needs in the region.

There is also concrete information indicating “Mapna” – Iranian semi-governmental engineering giant – is fully involved in developing infrastructure in the port and other regions of Syria and Iraq according to the regime requirements and needs.

2. Banias port (Syria)

ifmat - Port of Baniyas
Iranian oil tankers (maritime) arrive from Bandar Abbas port (Iran) delivering oil which is later being sold as a non-Iranian product globally.
ifmat - Latakia 1

Banias port is receiving oil via land shipments being made by oil trucks arriving from Iran. Iranian elements are preparing to achieve full control of Banias port as soon as possible.

3.Additional financial data
The CBI (Central Bank of Iran) has been using Euro and Dinar accounts in Iraq and Syria in order to support their activity via the ports mentioned above.

In addition, some local businessmen take part as investors using their personal assets as collateral for Iranian commercial purposes via their companies which are active in Iraq and Syria for a 15% to 25% return based on their efforts and investments.


As demonstrated above we can see Iranian regime goals are to develop massive infrastructure and financial abilities to support their activity and efforts to create a commercial transit corridor (land and Maritime) to the Mediterranean Sea. Which is meant to bypass U.S. sanctions, all of which are being supported by Iraqi official elements and entities.

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7 thoughts on “Information received from a senior diplomat stationed in Brussels

  1. The real friends of Iran continue to help the regime to make money, unlike US friends, Europe left US alone to fight this manipulative regime, they will find millions of ways to avoid US sanctions and Europe is still blind. Iranian leaders every day threaten to destroy Israel, but no one wants to hear that. These ports Iran would not use if the world stopped buying oil from Iran. Good luck United States iranian people are with you because they know the pain from the regime

  2. Iran is father of you all . Iran will survive as it has for 10000 years can you say the same for Saudis? Israelis? US?

    Iran is not a bad country, and has a right in Syria, especially since ASSAD is the leader of that country and has asked the Iranians for help.

    Love for Iran !!!

  3. Iran maybe is not a bad country, but Iranian Regime is pure evil!!! The Persian people are decent blokes, who are subjugated by fanatical muslim clerics bent on spreading radical Islam by violent means. Old men in turbans with white beards condition young men to kill or be killed to further their own evil, malignant, malevolent ends.

  4. United States should check all Middle East ports, especially small ones. And US must expose all countries that are buying Iranian oil. The world should know which countries and politicians are accountable for Iranian terror in the middle east

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