Grave Situation of a Kurdish Political Prisoner

The mother of Ramin Hossein Panahi, a Kurdish political prisoner, worrying about her son’s condition stated: “We do not have any information from Ramin.” in a video message posted on social networks.

Nearly one month has passed since the violent arrest of Ramin Hossein Panahi. There is still no information about his health and fate. In this regard, the family of this political prisoner expressed concern in a video message of the fate of their son.

“We went to the Ministry of Intelligence, they told us Ramin is in the hands of IRGC, we referred to IRGC and they said the opposite and claimed that Ramin has been handed over to Ministry of Intelligence.” The political activist’s mother said in part of this video.

Dayeh Sharifeh says: “There is no one to tell us if Ramin is alive or dead …”

The prisoner’s mother asks regime officials to reveal to her the fate of her son.

She asked for help from all human rights institutions.

“Amjad Hossein Panahi”, Ramin’s brother, also expressed concern of the family over the unknown fate of his brother and said: “Reports indicate that Ramin, besides losing his left kidney under torture, has lost his ability to speak due to a lot of mental and physical pressure. And if pressure persists, the death of his brother is certain. ”

Source » ncr-iran

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