It is possible that the deal for the advanced Russian combat aircraft, SU-34, to Iran, might not be realized. Iran claims to be manufacturing its own domestically-produced aircraft.

The British Guardian reports that in January this year, Tehran ordered 24 Russian SU-34 fourth-generation dual-engine aircraft, with a delivery summary after three months, which would be around March 21st, according to the Iranian parliament member, Haidar Haidari.

However, seven months after the deal was closed, the aircraft still haven’t arrived in Iran. Minister of Security, Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, stated that the country will produce its own combat aircraft for the air force. He said, “At a certain stage, we closed a deal, but we reached the conclusion that we can manufacture combat aircraft ourselves, although the deal with Russia may be reconsidered.”

He explained that the Russians are refusing to transfer the necessary knowledge and technology required for Iran to produce the aircraft on its own. Some in Iran claim that the Russians are interested in selling the aircraft to Egypt.

Regarding the developing military partnership between Moscow and Tehran, the Guardian reports that last month, Israeli government officials were in talks with Russian counterparts about expanding the Russian-Iranian military cooperation and the potential danger of supplying advanced Russian weaponry to Iran.

Last month, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said that he held a discussion with the Russians concerning Moscow’s military assistance to Tehran.

Source » israeldefense