Iranian ambassador meets grand Mufti – Iran Will Not Hesitate to Help Lebanon

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Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammed Jalal Firouznia confirmed on Monday that his visit to Dar el-Fatwa and his meeting with Grand Mufti of the Republic, Sheikh Abdul Latif Daryan “is to confirm Iran’s support for Lebanon as a people and a country.”

“I have stressed several times that any country capable of helping Lebanon must not hesitate to do so. Iran stands by Lebanon’s side in this sensitive ordeal, and we will not hesitate to provide assistance to the entire Lebanese,” said Firouznia from Dar el-Fatwa where he held talks with Daryan.

The Iranian ambassador pointed out that “Lebanon is in urgent need to adhere to national unity. We need to reveal Islamic unity in the Arab world as a whole. In Iran, we are open for the sake of reinstating Islamic unity.”

In response to a question about a possible Israeli strike on Lebanon, he said: “The Israeli enemy has not forgotten its defeat in the July war (2006). If it does such foolishness, there is no doubt that a stronger strike will be waiting for it. The axis of the resistance is stronger than ever.”

On the calls to neutralize Lebanon from regional conflicts, he said: “This issue is a private Lebanese matter. All initiatives and ideas at this stage must be taken within the framework of unifying and consolidating national unity.”

Source » naharnet

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