The Whole Country and Government Are in the Scope of Sanctions With the New U.S. Plan

Head of the Iranian regime parliament’s nuclear committee said the new U.S. sanctions against Iran have made the JCPOA inefficacious and hollow from the inside. The entire system, the country and the government were placed under the umbrella of new sanctions by the United States.

Mojtaba Zolnour in an interview with state-run Fars news agency, affiliated to IRGC, on 26 July 2017 added: “The new US sanctions plan against Iran is a comprehensive plan and, as American politicians call it, it is actually the mother of all sanctions against Iran. The new US sanctions plan against Iran has a number of features, one that is a comprehensive plan that has implemented the various sanctions experience, the precedented and unprecedented experience of the United States against Iran in the past and today, so it is fully integrated with the past sanctions.”

“The second feature of the plan is that its approval process was different from the past. In some of the past sanctions schemes, the President of the United States did something, for example, lifting or modifying the sanctions or the next president abolishing it, this would happen, but this time There are three pillars of the US government have their hand in th eplan, from the Senate to the House of Representatives and after being passed by the Congress the plan is sent to the President of the United States. Given that the current President is fully in favor of sanctions against Iran, so the fact that there is consensus and coordination between the three pillars of the Senate, the House of Representatives and the President, this is rare,” Zolnour added.

He emphasized: “If one day tomorrow this decision supposed to change, the same path should be followed, that is it is not the case that if Mr. Trump changes his mind, he can do something about it. It is not that if the next President wants to cancel the plan, he has the authority; it still requires the approval of the US Congress and the Senate. So, it can be said that given the fact that these three pillars agree on the sanctions of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which, of course, rarely happens, there is concern that these sanctions will become permanent, that is, the sanctions will no longer have the conditions for removal and abolition.”

Source » ncr-iran

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