Meaningless Iran Regime and Russia Economic Relations, Meaningless Iran Regime and Russia Relations

The Iranian regime has considered Russia’s President’s latest visit as an influencing trip on the regime’s problems, especially in the field of international challenges and its nuclear case. However, the events and remarks following their meeting have shown that the international community has expressed their growing concern about the meeting and the regime’s decision to hand over the killer drone to the Russian government for support in their Ukraine invasion.

After eight rounds of talks on revitalizing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) over the past year, the latest indirect talks between the regime and the US government in Doha, mediated by the European Union, ended without compromise, and now the prospect of an agreement seems dimmer than ever.

Nearly 18 months into Joe Biden’s presidency, despite indicating a desire to revive the 2015 nuclear deal, there have been no signs that a breakthrough is imminent. Instead of canceling the sanctions against the regime, the US government threatened to intensify the sanctions and even imposed some new sanctions.

On a daily basis, Western countries continue to warn the regime that the time to revive the JCPOA is coming to an end and the regime will face severe consequences if no agreement is met. This should be considered a turning point for the regime’s decision to invite Putin as a vanishing point to curb its increasing economic crisis, which is only fueling the fire of the Iranian people’s dissatisfaction.

This type of diplomatic interaction can have a direct effect on the economic interactions of the two countries, but in the case of the regime and Russia, it seems that this was not the correct discussion.

The reality is that in the past few years, there was interest in expanding cooperation between the two countries. Both sides were constantly talking about the need to expand cooperation at the political level, but practically there has been no significant leap in the economic relations between them.

In part, it refers to the capacities and facilities that two countries must supply each other, while the other part refers to the economic structure of the two countries. The current situation is that the Iranian regime is facing a totally collapsed economy, and they are desperate for help.

The capacities and facilities that both sides can provide to each other are very limited. In addition, in the financial field, the financial exchange conditions between the two countries would still face obstacles, due to the regime’s banking sanctions.

The projects and agreements that have been announced will not be fulfilled due to the regime’s political and international conditions, and it is likely that many of the plans for cooperation will be abandoned or forgotten. The latest discussion is about Russia’s investment in the regime’s gas industry, but this too is just an illusion.

The truth about the regime is that its economic plans, and efforts for economic cooperation with other countries, do not originate from the country’s needs and the people’s needs, but instead are subject to political goals, especially in the field of the regime’s support of international terrorism.

Therefore, this meeting should be considered as the regime’s political clamour to present its circumstances as ‘progressive’. With the help of Russia, it will be able to end any deadlock, and that is the reason why the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei has shown strong support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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