Terrorist Threat of a State-Owned Newspaper Against the United States

Kayhan newspaper, affiliated to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, resorted to threat in response to the US sanctions against the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and wrote on July 27, 2017: “You have 50,000 troops and dozens of bases in the region, wait for the answer.”

This state newspaper wrote: “These days America’s leaders openly and shamelessly talk about sanctioning the IRGC and the dream of regime change. In fact, Washington is trying to break the arms of the Islamic Republic’s power. It is this revolutionary institution that today stands in the region against the colonial plans of Washington and has shattered all those plans. The US muzzle is rubbed into the soil in the region, including Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Therefore, it is not surprising to sanction the IRGC and accuse it of terrorism.”

“The Americans must know that they are very much on the wrong side, and if they are supposed to know no boundary on hostility and disgrace, they will not necessarily get a respond in the next meeting of the JCPOA Joint Commission, and diplomats with stylish suit and tie. Americans have dozens of military bases and about 50,000 troops in the region. Wait for the answer,” Keyhan wrote.

Source » ncr-iran

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