An IRGC newspaper has fiercely defended Iran’s hardliner Raisi administration against a harsh critic who demanded the truth about Russia’s role in nuclear talks.

Javan Daily has lashed out at the leader of reformist Jomhouriat [Republicanism] Party Rasoul Montajabnia for calling the Raisi administration’s ministers, “yes men, political dwarves and individuals without commitments.”

Javan daily said what Didban Iran [Iran Monitor] website had published as comments made by Montajabnia were examples of “insults and swear words.”

Javan also criticized conservative websites such as Tabnak for “publishing accusations they would have condemned as insult if the same thing was said about them.”

Montajabnia had characterized Raisi’s comments about his economic plans including price rises as “irrational and childish.” Meanwhile, he called Raisi’s economic team “the weakest team of its kind since the 1979 revolution,” and accused them of “masters of bluffing and making grandiose claims.” He added that the members of the Raisi government are not fit for executive positions they hold.

In his interview with Didban Iran, Montajabnia had charged that Raisi’s diplomatic team have always been bribing the Russians rather than trying to further nuclear negotiations with the West. He added that the government should stop its secrecy and talk to the nation about Russia’s role in the failure of the nuclear talks, which prevented the lifting of sanctions and easing Iran’s economic crisis.

He also seriously criticized the government for saying that the it can improve the economy despite US sanctions. “The government should be honest to the people and say that it is selling the country’s oil at a discount price because of the sanctions. But unfortunately, the government is not brave enough to tell the truth to the people,” Montajabnia said.

He accused Raisi of giving key jobs to people who are inferior to him in terms of knowledge and expertise and charged that “they are yes men who lack knowledge and executive experience.”

Javan wrote that Montajabnia’s behavior was contrary to the Iranian reformists claim about being the advocates of polite dialogue.

The reformist politician also accused the Raisi administration of being secretive about its performance and plans and also charged that First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber, and his vice president for economic affairs Mohsen Rezaei have no real background in handling economic responsibilities. “The sheer presence of such individuals in Raisi’s economic team has prompted economists to declare that a bad outcome is awaiting Iran’s economy.”

Montajabnia argued that Riasi’s lofty promises a year ago when he took office are remembered as hollow slogans, and this creates wave after wave of dissatisfaction among Iranians on a daily basis.

He accused Raisi and First Vice President Mokhber of issuing orders rather than solving the country’s problems while the nation, particularly the underprivileged strata are under immense economic pressures. He added that the Raisi government has set historic records of inflation as prices of for food and similar essentials have risen by 2 to 5 times in less than one year.

He said, “I am worried for Iran’s future,” adding that “We should accept that Iran’s economy is bankrupt as most economists say, and that the situation is getting worse.”

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