A regional expert said in an interview with Sky News on July 30, 2017: “The Iranian regime thinks Persian Gulf states cannot come face to face with the regime and block its projects. This is the view of the Iranian regime’s leader towards the Gulf States, especially the Kuwaiti government.

Dr. Mohammad al-Sulami added: “From this point of view, when the Iranian regime intervenes in Kuwait, it thinks no Arab country can stand against it, and the government of Kuwait cannot do anything.”

“Based on the facts not from analysis we know that the Iranian regime has had 18 terrorist operations against Kuwait since May 1980,” he said.

According to this regional expert, ten spy and intelligence cores, some of which were commercial boats, have been discovered. These commercial boats come to Kuwaiti ports and there are communication devices inside the boats to provide information. They stay in the harbour for two to three days, and then go elsewhere to contact the Iranian regime’s cores, which are either linked to the embassy of the regime, or are terrorist cells or espionage cells.

al-Sulami emphasized: “All the embassies of the Iranian regime, without exception, are linked to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), not with the Foreign Ministry. This regime, particularly its cultural and military affiliates are linked to the terrorist cells.”

He said Hezbollah began collecting weapons in Kuwait in 1996. This is the same year when the Iranian regime and Hezbollah targeted the Khobar towers in eastern Saudi Arabia.

“There is a big project by the Iranian regime and the Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah, to attack the Persian Gulf security,” he said. “One of these attacks is the eastern towers and terrorist operations in Saudi Arabia.”

Source » ncr-iran