The interrogators of the Revolutionary Guards Corps Intelligence, after overturn of the 10-year heavy sentence of two political prisoners, continue to block their release. According to reports, the 10-year heavy prison sentences of political prisoners, Emadeddin Mollazehi and Hafez Yaghoub Jahandideh, have been overturned in Sistan and Baluchistan Province’s appeals court, and they should be released in practice. But the Revolutionary Guards Corps Intelligence interrogators blocked the release of these two political prisoners and kept them in limbo.On Saturday, July 26, these two prisoners were taken to Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Prosecutor’s

Office and were again interrogated. Despite the overturn of their verdict by the Appeal Court of the province, Toroughi, the investigator of this branch called for a 300 million tomans bail to release each of them.

The families of these two prisoners tried hard and came up with this amount, but the prosecutor of Saravan informed them that he would not release the two detainees and would keep them in jail in uncertainty.

The Saravan prosecutor, who is the executor of the Guards Corps Interrogators’ instructions, is blocking the release of these two political prisoners. It should be noted that the political prisoner Emadeddin Mollazehi had been miraculously rescued from the trap that the IRGC Intelligence agents had set up for his assassination in early December, but mistakenly assassinated one of his friends.

When the IRGC intelligence agents, they discovered that they had wrongly assassinated another person, immediately arrested him and put him for several days under physical and psychological torture in order to force him to false confessions in front of the cameras of the IRGC intelligence officers to cover the crime that they committed and which led to the killing of one of the innocents.

Source » ncr-iran