A prisoner of conscience in Evin Prison, who has been in jail for the past four years, began a hunger strike on Tuesday, August 1 in protest to his wife’s arrest. Prisoner of conscience, Soheil Arabi went on hunger strike in Evin Prison in protest to the arrest of his wife, Nastaran Naimi, by the Revolutionary Guards. He was subsequently transferred to Section 2-A of the prison.

Nastaran Naimi was detained by the IRGC’s intelligence forces on Monday, July 31, and is currently detained in Evin Prison Section 2-A.

Soheil Arabi was arrested in January 2013 with an indictment from the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps’ Sarallah garrison, and was interrogated and pressured for two months in the IRGC-run section of Evin Prison.

He has been tried so far by various ‘courts’ over of the content of his Facebook page and other webpages which he has administered.

Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court of the Iranian regime sentenced Arabi to three years imprisonment for “insulting the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic and propaganda against the regime” and Branch 10 of the State Court for the Prosecution of State Employees Crimes sentenced him for “insulting the authorities” to 500 thousand tomans cash fine and 30 lashes.

Source » ncr-iran