Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman praised Tuesday the reinstatement of US sanctions on Iran, noting the money the ayatollah regime got from the lifting of sanctions under the 2015 nuclear deal helped fund terrorism.

“The renewal of sanctions on Iran is a necessary step, particularly from those who are fighting terrorism,” Lieberman said during a visit to the Golan Heights to watch an Armored Corps training exercise.

“The (nuclear) agreement brought billions of dollars to the regime (in Iran), which used that money not for the benefit of its citizens, but for terrorism and subversion all across the Middle East,” he added.

The defense minister explained that Tehran’s “terror support budget” is $2.5 billion a year, which is allocated to the “Quds Force in Syria, funding Hezbollah, funding the Shiite militias in Iraq, funding the Houthi militias in Yemen, funding Hamas and Islamic Jihad.”

He warned about the situation in Syria, saying “We see the Syrian army, which doesn’t settle for capturing all Syrian territory, but is clearly building a broad, new army, which will go back to its previous size and even beyond. That is why we’re monitoring every development and are ready for any scenario.”

Source » ynetnews