According to the Iranian regime’s state-owned media on August 7, 2017, China has announced an unprecedented measure of blocking accounts of affiliated Iranian authorities due to US-imposed international sanctions.

The state-run Mehr news agency wrote: “China has blocked Iranian accounts in ABC, ICBC, and MERCHANT banks.”

“I have two accounts in different banks in China, but one account is blocked, and I do not know why,” a government agent told the news agency.

Someone else said in an interview with the same news agency: “So far, three of my accounts have been blocked by the Chinese, and this process is still ongoing. It is interesting to know that I went to China several times, but this is becoming more complicated.”

An economic activist from Tehran said: “China’s ABC Bank blocked my account. With the conversations I received, they said that you had to come here to get your busisness done; now I have to spend 5 million Toman to go to China. That’s the way to work with Chinese!”

Earlier, following the warnings by the FATF of the International Anti-Money Laundering Authority against the consequences of any deal with the Iranian regime, the major banks of China, including the Bank of China, the China Construction Bank, the China Agricultural Bank and the Chinese Industry and Trade Bank, blocked the money from trading with Iranian petrochemical companies.

“China, as the largest consumer of Iranian petrochemicals, has been trading with Iran for many years,” said Ali Ahmadi, a regime energy expert in talks with state-run media on July 27, 2017, noting FATF’s warning about money laundering. “But according to news from some of the private petrochemical companies, it’s been a few months that they have problems with receiving the cost of selling their products to this country and their money has been blocked in China.”

In addition, the state-run Today’s Vatan newspaper revealed a while earlier that Turkey, Emirates and Oman have also blocked Iranian accounts!

Source » ncr-iran