Iran Unveils Three New Locally Made Guided Bombs Designed to Be Launched from Fighter Planes, Drones

On August 6, 2019, Channel 4 TV (Iran) aired a report about three locally made air-launched guided bombs that were unveiled by Iran’s defense industries. The first bomb, Yasin, weighs 320 kilograms, has a 215-kilogram warhead, has collapsible wings, can operate in all weather conditions, and can reportedly glide up to 50 kilometers when launched from an altitude of 27,000 feet from a drone or fighter plane. The second bomb, Balaban, has collapsible wings, is designed to be launched from drones, and reportedly has a range of 25 kilometers. Finally, a new series of self-propelled Ghaem-generation bombs was unveiled. These bombs have a laser and infrared system and a range of 20-40 kilometers. They can be installed on drones like Shahed-129, Hamaseh, and Mohajer-6. The reporter explained that the design process of the bombs took approximately one year and that they will soon be delivered to the armed forces. The unveiling was attended by Iranian Defense Minister General Amir Khatami, senior defense industry official Colonel Nazarifar, and Iranian electronics industries chief General Shahrokh Shahram.

Following are excerpts:

Anchor: Today, thanks to the efforts of the experts of our country’s defense industries, three advanced smart bombs have been unveiled.

Reporter: This is an important unveiling. The release of these images will once again disrupt the enemies’ calculations. [These are] different types of air-launched guided bombs that have absolute precision. Allah Akbar! The first bomb is called Yasin. It has wings and is installed on different kinds of fighter planes and drones.

General Amir Hatami: This bomb provides our air force and our drones with fire-and-forget capabilities. Thank God, we have had totally successful tests.

Reporter: After being launched from a fighter plane, this bomb’s wings unfold, and it flies towards its target at the same speed as the fighter plane.

Colonel Nazarifar: It weighs roughly 320 kilograms. It has a 215-kilogram warhead.

Reporter: The Yasin precision bomb is active in all weather conditions.

Colonel Nazarifar: If the fighter plane is at an altitude of 27,000 feet, this bomb can glide approximately 50 kilometers – using its wings and without a propulsion system – to strike a target 50 kilometers away.

Reporter: Another achievement is the air-launched bomb called Balaban. It works like Yasin.

General Amir Hatami: It will have a range of roughly 25 kilometers. It has an appropriate warhead and it is launched from drones. It also has wings that fold out.

Reporter: In addition, the Defense Minister unveiled a new series of Ghaem-generation bombs.

General Shahrokh Shahram: It is equipped with a laser and infrared system. It’s precise [guidance system] is in here. Everything else constitutes its winglets, its propulsion system, and its warhead, which destroys [the target].

Reporter: These bombs have a variety of ranges, weights, and destructive capacities. They can be installed on drones like Shahed-129, Hamaseh, and Mohajer-6.

General Shahrokh Shahram: This bomb’s range is 20-40 kilometers.

Reporter: The design of these smart precision bombs took approximately one year. These bombs will soon be delivered to the armed forces.

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