The ceremony of welcoming foreign guests at the inauguration of Iranian regime’s President Hassan Rouhani was managed by a terrorist group commander, Mohammad Ja’fari Sahrarudi, head of the office of Ali Larijani, Speaker of the regime’s parliament.

Sahrarudi was already known for the command of the groups responsible for assassinating opponents of the Iranian regime abroad.

One of the important assassinations that his death group carried out was the assassination of Dr. Abdul Rahman Qassemlou, leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran in the 1990’s.

Mohammad Ja’fari Sahrarudi was one of the IRGC commanders in the Iran-Iraq war, and after the war he was responsible for the command of the terrorist groups.

The team led by Sahrarudi assassinated Kurdistan Democratic Party leader Dr. Abdul Rahman Qassemlou and two of his companions during the talks with the regime about the Kurdish rights on 13 July 1989, in Austria ‘s capital, Vienna.

Although Sahrarudi was wounded and arrested at the scene of assassination, the Iranian regime managed to return him and two of his followers back to Iran after five months through a deal with the Austrian government.

Thereafter, an international arrest warrant was issued to these individuals for participating in a terrorist operation. He was then appointed as the commander of the IRGC’s Ramadan headquarters.

The Ramadan base is the main headquarters of the IRGC’s 1st Corps, affiliated with the terrorist Quds Force, which is responsible for carrying out the terrorist operations in Iraq. The Ramadan headquarters is located in Tehran.

Sahrarudi also played a major role in suppressing student protests in July 1999 in Tehran.

At the time of the Iranian regime’s former president Ahmadinejad, Ali Larijani, then Secretary-General of Supreme National Security Council, chose Sahrarudi as his deputy, based on his security and military records.

In January 2006, US troops attacked the Iranian Consulate in Erbil to arrest Sahrarudi, but he, being at a party of some prominent Kurdish leaders, was able to escape and return to Iran from land routes.

Four months later, he again traveled to Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt as a member of the Iranian regime’s negotiating team on the subject of Iraq.

In the two-day conference, held with the aim of finding the necessary mechanisms for the stability and security of Iraq, in cooperation with neighbouring countries and member states of the Security Council, on the negotiating table the U.S. then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice sat down in front of the Iranian regime’s then foreign minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, and Sahrarudi.

Following the election of Ali Larijani as the speaker of parliament, Saharraudi was appointed as the head of his office, but at the same time he remained responsible for the Iraqi Kurdistan case.

Despite the existence of an international prosecution order for him, Sahrarudi has traveled abroad many times. He participated in the Geneva talks in 2013 between the Iranian regime and the five countries on Iran’s nuclear case along with Ali Larijani. He also attended the International Security Conference in Munich, Germany.

Source » ncr-iran