Military UAVs in Iran are being developed both by companies that are part of the Iranian Aviation Industry Organization, such as HESA and Ghods (Qods) Aviation Industry, and by Jihad Research and Self-Sufficiency Organizations, etc. controlled by structures of the corresponding types of troops and forces of the Army and the Guard Corps of the Islamic Republic.

For example, the Ababil UAV line is a HESA development, Mohajer is a Ghods (Qods) Aviation Industry development, respectively, they are included in this catalog, and let’s say the entire Shahed UAV line is a development of the research center of the same name specifically for the IRGC, so they are in this catalog are not included.

Upgraded version of Mohajer-4B
Yassir (Yasir)
Karrar 4
Tethered quadcopter, which, thanks to power from the ground, can monitor for several hours.
Quadcopter Arbaeen

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