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European Investment Company

Risk Level:
89% May harm your business future;

This entity is connected with designated / sanctioned entities who are helping Iranian Regime Terrorist Activities & development of WMD

High Alert – Entity affiliated with Designated / Sanctioned / Illicit entities

In 2011 Hansa Group invests 12 million shares in a swiss company, at the time 50 million Euro. The company name is European Investment Company (EIC), just a vehicle for the purpose. The company is held by the Alambeigi Khodayar and Vahid Mahmoudi (a board member of IFIC);

Iran Foreign Investment Company (IFIC) owned Hansa Investment. Alambeigi Khodayar, an Iranian with German citizenship, was running Hansa. Vahid Mahmoudi – Chairman of Executive Director of IFIC Holding AG (Dusseldorf)(2013 up to now). Iran Foreign Investment Company (IFIC) is an Iran-based entity that is wholly owned by the Government of Iran. The mission of IFIC is to manage and expand Iranian holdings abroad. It is involved in ventures in a number of foreign countries;

In 2012 – Vahid Mahmoudi establishes Denamond, a German company held by EIC. At that time Markus Jansen is named CEO but is relieved by Mahmoudi in 2015.

Financial Services

Also Known As:
European Investment Company AG
European Investment Co.


Person of interests:
Vahid Mahmoudi
Alambeigi Khodayar

Reason for the color:
» Khamenei established a new financial structure for procuring sophisticated WMD equipment through the Deutsche Börse;

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