The Iranian army announced a new military achievement, in addition to Iran’s previous developments, which were unveiled on Thursday.

According to the Fars News Agency, the Minister of Defense and the Support of the Iranian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Amir Hatami, announced in a statement on Wednesday, that the Iranian army will unveil the fourth generation of the new turbine engine on Thursday.

The Iranian Defense Minister’s statement to reporters came against the background of the Iranian cabinet meeting, where Hatami extended his congratulations on the occasion of the Defense Industries Day in Iran.

Hatami said, “Today, a report on the country’s defense situation and defense industries was presented at the cabinet meeting, and in this report the development of defense industries in various fields was mentioned, and there is a program for tomorrow in the presence of the President of the Republic.”

On Iran’s recent military achievements, Hatami mentioned the opening of a new exhibition and two production lines, in addition to the launch of the production line for the “Awj” engine for the Iranian Kawthar fighter.

The Iranian minister noted that Tehran will unveil a lightweight, fourth-generation turbocharged engine manufactured for the first time in Iran.

Hatami added that the new turbine engine is used in modern developed drones around the world, and that this engine would enhance Tehran’s capabilities in the field of drones, which will be equipped with this engine.

Source » almasdarnews