Recent reports from Iran indicate that Tehran is seeking to showcase its military-industrial complex and its new military technology to the region and the world.

This comes as Iran seeks to increase defense exports and imports. For instance, Iran exports drones to Russia. Iran is also seeking to acquire new capabilities for its missile program.

According to the reports in various pro-regime media in Iran, the country expects several military technological developments in the coming months. Iran’s Armed Forces Chief of Staff Maj.-Gen. Mohammad Bagheri has already underlined that future plans should be based on knowledge-oriented moves in Iran and he recently said that the world is seeking to benefit from Iran’s defense achievements, according to IRNA and Tasnim News.

IRGC chief: Iran’s defense industry has ‘broken its enemies’

In other comments, the head of the IRGC, Hossein Salami, also said that Iran’s defense industry has “broken the enemies” as Iran achieves new local capabilities. This is bolstered by a defense exhibition in Iran this week that also showcased rifles, new optics and missiles, as well as vehicles.

Iran’s media said it is working on new anti-armor systems that could be able to penetrate active protection systems which have become more common for vehicles. It’s difficult to conclude whether Iran’s claims are accurate but what is important is that Iran is seeking more defense exports to Iraq, Russia and other countries, according to its own regime media.

A fourth report in Iran said the country is seeking to launch more missiles capable of carrying satellites in the coming year.

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