Iran does not want to disclose more than ten percent of its weapons research and development capabilities in order “to take the enemy by surprise,” Admiral Amir Rastegari said on a television program on Sunday.

Rastegrai who is the head of the Iranian defense ministry’s Naval Industries highlighted the importance of defense industries on the news channel of the state-controlled television, saying that the most important aspect of Iran’s progress is preparing human cadres for research and development.

“To gain power it is essential to achieve progress in science, information and research. We have managed to prepare expert human resources and all these feed into a chain that produces power,” he said.

Rastegari mentioned that Iran has deployed advanced “BLC motors” on submarines and boats. He was probably referring to ‘brushless DC electric motors’ used in many appliances and products, which has existed since the 1960s. He also claimed that the military is working on waterjet motors and hopes to complete the first motor with 1,700 hp in the coming months.

The admiral also said Iran has produced its first naval mine sweeper, the Shaheen, which has entered service. It is a 33-meter vessel made of polymer and composite materials and will operate in the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.

Although Iran has made notable progress in missiles and drones, officials often make claims of advances in technology that cannot be verified independently.

Iran’s navy has witnessed several accidents in the past one year, with one naval vessel sinking after a mysterious fire engulfed the ship in June.

Source » iranintl