Mola al-Movahedin Charity

Mola al-Movahedin Charity is owned or controlled by the terrorist organization IRGC. This charitable organization, or bonyad, forms the heart of the Quds Force’s domestic economic activities

Status:High Alert – Entity affiliated with Designated / Sanctioned / Illicit entities

Risk Level:89%

May harm your business future.

This entity is connected with designated / sanctioned entities who are helping Iranian Regime Terrorist Activities & development of WMD

Mola al-Movahedin Charity is owned or controlled by the terrorist organization IRGC. This charitable organization, or bonyad, forms the heart of the Quds Force’s domestic economic activities. Untaxed and unaccountable to the civilian government, this organization forms the ideal legal framework for the Quds Force’s secretive financial transactions.;

Currently, several trustees have IRGC service records. Other executives are either current or retired members of the IRGC or related to IRGC officials;

The organization has no website and a total of two business public registry records. The only sources of information on its members are media interviews in which an MMC official names the trustees;

The Mola al-Movahedin predatory governmental Institute disguised as a charity is another example of the mullahs regime’s and IRGC’s dominance over Iran’s economy. They spend Iranian people’s plundered properties and assets to advance the evil intentions of warmongering and the spread of fundamentalism and terrorism around the world as well as for guaranteeing the survival of Velayat-e faqih regime;

The two main founders of the institute were Hossein Marashi (the Kerman’s governor) and Seyyed Yahya Jafari (then Kerman’s Friday Prayer’s Imam). Later, 15 individuals, including Hossein Arabnejad, one of the former IRGC commanders, were introduced as the board of trustees;

Notably, Mola al-Movahedin institute grew swiftly and is currently a shareholder of more than 30 major companies and invests in various projects;

The institute has invested in establishing special economic zones of the New Arg, and Sirjan. It also invested in Mahan Airlines, airport construction hotels, service centers, entertainments, and sports centers;

In addition to owning a 100% of Mahan Airline’s shares, 50% of Kerman Khodro’s shares are under the control of this Institute in 2014, the Institute’s capital was estimated at 350 million dollars;

– Mola al Movahedin Charity (MMC) has a 52 percent stake in Aryan Mahtab Gostar, which produces 4.5 percent of Iran’s electricity;

– Resalat Bank has strong ownership links to Mola al-Movahedin Charity (MMC)
(Tehran Stock Exchange data shows that Resalat has two corporate shareholders: Pouyesh Salehin Investment Holding (PSIH) and the Haj Ali Akbar Sanati Bonyad, which has MMC trustee Ali Mostafavi among its board members. Other shareholders include PSIH executives and their families and the families of MMC executives.)

– Owns 100% of Mahan Airlines;

– Pouyesh Salehin Investment Holding (PSIH);

– Resalat Salehin Fund of Tehran dissolved. Board members comprised a number of IRGC/Quds Force officials as well as MMC/Mahan Air executives;

– MMC trustee Mohammad Javad Fadaei Fathabadi and MMC subsidiary Kerman Development Organization are both connected to Aluminum Pars Hanza;

– Omran Mehr Shahdad
– Omran Alavi Kerman Development Group
– Khadamati Bazargani Hezar Kerman
– Eshko Pars
– Kerman Auto Industries
– Khayyer Kerman Trade Co

Also Known As:
Mola al Movahedin Charity


Person of interests:
Hossein Marashi – Chairman of Board of Trustees, Trustee
(A cousin of Effat Marashi, Hashemi Rafsanjani’s wife, Hossein Marashi served as the governor general of Kerman for nearly a decade and has held other positions such as vice president for cultural heritage and tourism, Hashemi Rafsanjani’s chief of staff, and MP for Kerman in the Majles. Marashi is the founder of Mola al-Movahedin Charity (MMC) and Mahan Air. He was friends with Qasem Soleimani, according to Khabar Online.)

– Qasem Soleimani – Trustee1 (IRGC)
(It is not clear how long Soleimani was a trustee of MMC, but his brother Sohrab is still affiliated with MMC subsidiaries.)

– Mohammad Ali Karimi – Chairman of Board of Trustees (IRGC)
(Before becoming the governor general of Kerman Province (Oct. 17, 2001–Sept. 16, 2004) in the Khatami administration, Karimi was the intelligence and political deputy of the governor general of Kerman. He has also served as an IRGC commander in Kerman Province. Karimi was the MP for Kerman and Ravar (Qasem Soleimani’s hometown) in the 8th Majles and Hassan Rouhani’s campaign manager for Kerman in the 2016 election. He is the son-in-law of the late influential Kerman cleric Seyyed Reza Khoshrou. He founded the Development and Liberation of Kerman Province party along with two other MMC colleagues)

– Mohammad Javad Fadaei Fathabadi – Trustee
(Fadaei Fathabadi was the governor general of Kerman3 until November 11, 2020, when he was replaced.4 In addition to being an MMC trustee since at least 2009, he has represented the interests of MMC on the boards of various companies. Along with Karimi and several other MMC executives, for example, he has served on the board of the Kerman-Bandar Abbas Freeway Construction, Operation and Maintenance Co.)

– Ali Mostafavi – Trustee
(Mostafavi is affiliated with various Kerman-based charities and companies. He was the dean of Kerman’s Bahonar University in the Khatami administration and has served as the head of the Coordination Council of Kerman Province Reformists. He is a trustee of the Bahmanyar University as well as the Haj Ali Akbar Sanati Bonyad. He is also one of the founders of the Development and Liberation of Kerman Province Party (DLKP).)

– Hamid Arabnejad Khanouki – Trustee, Board Treasurer (rumored IRGC)
(Khanouki is the CEO of Mahan Air, a position he has held for nearly two decades. He also holds positions at several Mahan Air/MMC–affiliated companies, including Pardis Parham Kish and Pardis Lalim Development. Public records show Qasem Soleimani’s brother Sohrab represented one of the subsidiaries of MMC on the board of Pardis Parham Kish while Khanouki was its board chairman. Sohrab Soleimani is still on the board of Pardis Lalim Development.)

– Ahmad Moradalizaeh – Trustee, Board Chairman
(Moradalizadeh is involved with various MMC subsidiaries. He is the board chairman of Mahan Air and CEO of Kerman-Bandar Abbas Freeway Construction, Operation and Maintenance Co., which as noted above undertakes major development projects in Kerman. Over the years, Moradalizadeh has held important positions at vital national companies including the Tamin-owned National Iranian Copper Industry Co. and its numerous subsidiaries. He is also on the board of a company called Persian Gulf Water Desalination and Transmission, which aims to desalinate and transfer water from the Persian Gulf to Hormozgan, Yazd, Kerman, and Isfahan provinces. Moradalizadeh is also an advisor to the Ministry of Industries and Mines.)

– Shariyar Zolali – Trustee, CEO, Board Member
(Zolali is on the board of various MMC entities, including Mahan Air (a position he has held for nearly two decades), Khayyer Kerman Trade Co., and Omran Mehr Shahdad. Zolali is also on the board of various Kerman-based charities along with members of the Arabnejad Khanouki family.)

– Ali Ghazanfari – Trustee, Board Secretary
(Ghazanfari was the governor of Kerman from March 21, 1981, to March 20, 1987. He represents the interests of MMC with Hazar Kerman Trade Co. and Karmania Auto Co. and serves on the board of Saman Insurance, which belongs to Bank Saman. ‌Bank Saman and its subsidiaries are affiliated with Sadouq Bonyad, which is overseen by the office of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and has ties to former president Seyyed Mohammad Khatami.)

– Ali Pahlavanzadeh – Trustee, Board Member
(He is a member of the board of Kerman Drug Industries Co., which has ties to the Khomeini Shrine Bonyad and the Khomeini Works Publication House, both of which have received billions of tomans in the Iranian budget.)

– Mohammad Farshad – Trustee, Inspector
(Farshad was the governor of Kahnouj, Kerman Province, in the 1980s. His past positions include director general of the Iranian National Tax Administration office of Guilan Province in the Rafsanjani and Khatami administrations, and intelligence and political deputy of the governor general of Kerman in the Khatami administration.)

– Hamid Aslani – Vice Chairman (IRGC)
(Aslani, an IRGC commander, has served as the deputy executive director of the IRGC command, head of the Sacred Defense Documents and Research Center, and vice chairman of the IRGC Retirees Co. He was recently appointed executive director of the Majles by Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, himself a former Revolutionary Guard (for more information, see below).)

– Ahmad Yousofzadeh – Alternate Inspector
(Yousofzadeh is an academic and writer6 whose 2015 book, Those 23, about his time as a POW in Iraq was publicly praised by Qasem Soleimani in an open letter implying he had had personal contact with Yousofzadeh. He is one of the founding members of the Development and Liberation of Kerman Province Party (DLKP).)

Reason for the color:
» Mola al-Movahedin Charity Institute owns 100% of Mahan Airlines;