A young protester named Kemar Tahmasbi was reportedly killed in an armed clash with regime forces in the southern city of Izeh on Wednesday.

Tahmasbi was among the youths who actively participated in the protests that unfolded from the 15th to the 17th of November in Izeh. He shared camaraderie with Mustafa Ahmadpour, another protester who was killed on the 21st of July in a fierce armed altercation with regime agents.

While unconfirmed reports suggest that Mehdi Almasi, who was driving the vehicle, was also fatally shot by IRGC forces, the identities of the victims and the incident itself cannot be independently verified by Iran International.

The IRGC issued a statement revealing that in response to “organized actions by armed and criminal elements in Izeh, orders were issued to detain them after identifying their locations and activities. These individuals resisted arrest and, in the exchange of gunfire, two were killed, while three were apprehended.”

Additional reports indicate that regime agents wounded two teenagers, Babak Bahmani and Shaayan Almasi, with gunshots and took them into custody.

In a previous development in April, eight citizens detained during the nationwide protests in Izeh were indicted for charges such as “waging war against God” and “corruption on earth,” carrying potential death sentences. These arrests occurred in November 2022 by the intelligence agents of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Earlier this year, Iran’s judiciary sentenced another protester, Abbas (Mojahed) Kourkouri, to death for the killing of a nine-year-old named Kian Pirfalak during the November unrest in Izeh. Kian and his family were targeted by unidentified individuals during a night of protests while they were in their car. The assault left Kian’s father paralyzed due to severe injuries sustained during the attack.”

Source » iranintl