The ongoing conflict between the discontent Iranian society and the ruling regime persists, with the scales of political power gradually tilting in favor of the former. The regime’s authority is steadily diminishing as it grapples with a society that grows increasingly restive.

The religious establishment’s stringent response has left no room for compromise, leading to oppression, pillaging, and desolation. Consequently, time seems to be working against the regime, and its grip on power is weakening with each passing day.

The systematic depletion of the regime’s strategic reserves is most evident in its response to current challenges. Faced with the momentum of the Iranian resistance, the regime appears cornered, resorting to disseminating news and engaging in rhetoric devoid of substance.

In this context, high-ranking officials are dispatched on a daily basis to implore Western nations to adhere to international norms and agreements by extraditing certain elements of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) back to Iran.

The Iranian authorities ridiculously claim a commitment to conducting a fair trial based on established principles and legal proceedings. Concurrently, efforts are made to placate wavering Basij groups, those who teeter between remaining loyal and leaving, by emphasizing that despite last year’s confrontational stance by Europe, Iran’s relations with these countries have since expanded. Recent incidents against the MEK are also cited to influence perceptions among these groups.

On the side of the Iranian populace and the resilient resistance, actions speak louder than words. Resistance Units are consistently active, and their discourse is one of fervor and illumination.

Internationally, the progress of the resistance is materializing in practical terms, with an increasing number of enlightened minds from the global community’s consciousness, as well as European and American legislative bodies, aligning themselves with the cause of the Iranian people. Consequently, the global momentum demanding a democratic Iran grows more fertile by the day.

Among the recent triumphs of the Iranian resistance is the endorsement of the “Ten-Point Plan” put forth by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, receiving support from “a majority of members within the California State Legislature.”

This development reflects a significant milestone: while parliaments and representative assemblies from forty nations had already rallied in solidarity with the Iranian people’s pursuit of freedom, the state-level support illustrates that the essence of the Iranian resistance has resonated deeply with governmental representatives.

Within the California State Legislature, which comprises 80 representatives from both political leanings, 42 members have united in support of the Iranian cause, representing a clear majority.

In a collective effort, these representatives have dispatched 42 individual letters, acting on behalf of millions of concerned American citizens, expressing their alignment with US Congress House Resolution 100. This resolution embraces the principles outlined in Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s Ten-Point Plan, advocating for gender equality, religious and ethnic harmony, peaceful coexistence, and a non-nuclear Iran.

In their correspondence, the representatives of this populous state, numbering 40 million, highlighted that the Iranian people unequivocally reject monarchical despotism and religious oppression, as evident from their impassioned protest slogans.

This declaration demonstrates the collective vigilance and solidarity of the international community, standing united with the Iranian populace in their struggle for freedom and democratic governance.

The resonance of this profound support strengthens the global chain of endorsement for the establishment of a democratic government in Iran.

Each endorsement from the international community acts as a seal of approval and provides a boost of morale for the grassroots activists and catalysts for change within Iran, further augmenting the external factors driving transformation.

Source » tasnimnews