Iranian authorities have suspended the operations of the Entekhab news website, citing violations of press laws and decisions made by the Supreme National Security Council.

While the suspension has been reported by news outlets aligned with the Iranian regime, the precise reasons for the suspension have not been officially communicated to the website’s owner or its management.

The Tasnim news agency, which is affiliated with the IRGC, reported on Monday the suspension of the Entekhab news website in accordance with “Article 12 of the Press Law.” Tasnim also reported that the case had been referred to the judiciary for further investigation.

The suspension of Entekhab follows the examination of a video and report titled “Iran’s Brand Auction: Why Has Iran’s Foreign Policy Weakened So Much?” by the media supervisory body during its session on Monday. According to Tasnim, the content of the video was found to be “beyond legal boundaries, contrary to national interests, and against the fundamental policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in foreign policy.”

The video, which was published on August 22 on the Entekhab website, contained critical commentary on Iran’s current foreign policy under the leadership of President Ebrahim Raisi. It asserted that the Raisi administration’s “purely Eastern-oriented policy and Russia-centric approach” had dealt a significant blow to Iran’s centuries-old foreign policy traditions.

It is worth noting that the Entekhab website had gained prominence in recent years, particularly after the closure of the Entekhab newspaper. The website was known for its alignment with a broad spectrum of political figures, including Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and the previous administration under President Hassan Rouhani.

Source » iranintl