IT HAS become clear that the Iranian expansion project has reached an impasse. The sectarian arms used by the Iranian regime to mobilize supporters have fallen, especially in Iraq which was considered the reserve of Arab human resource. It was over when they set fire to the Iranian consulate in Basra.

The Revolutionary Guard and the mercenary militants must do nothing but end such tragedy-comedy and listen to the voices of the people of Basra who live in the country which ranks second in terms of oil reserve. The country lies on the banks of two rivers which provided food for millions of the region’s inhabitants. Nevertheless, the flood of locusts arrived to eat up everything and left the Iraqis starving and thirsty because of the programmed stealing of the fortune of their great country.

What happened in Iraq was previously witnessed in the governorates of Yemen which revolted against the Houthis. The Houthis or mercenaries of the Persian project have been enforcing the laws of the jungle for four years with the aim of hiding the voice of legitimacy. However, everyday they suffer a new defeat which increases the number of nails in their coffin. The Houthis have yet to realize that Iran does not provide free lunch. The objective of Iran is to pull Yemen out of its Arab surrounding, as a prelude for Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries to fall into the hands of the monster named as ‘exporting the revolution’.

The monster was raised by Khomeini in the evil stable of expansion. The collapse of the regional Persian power is not limited to Iraq and Yemen. The Syrian situation can be read by its Iranian title where Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei listened to the clear words of Russia in the recent summit in Tehran, stressing that Iran must withdraw from Syria.

Today, the international community is getting ready to tighten the rope around the Mullah regime, particularly when the real Iranian attitude started to crystallize in front of American President Donald Trump. This attitude pushed Trump to force Iran to withdraw not only from Syria but also from Lebanon where the gang of Hezbollah paralyzed the Constitutional institutions, paving way for a civil war.

Revival of the Lebanese civil war will bring about a new tsunami of illegal immigrants heading towards Europe. Illegal immigration to Europe started to affect the political situation and intensify sectarian and racist extremism after the decades of tolerance that Europe witnessed.

It is true that a number of Arab countries are facing major troubles due to Iranian interference. Nonetheless, this signals the end of the Iranian expansion project. Furthermore, it is time to declare the death of the idea of exporting the Iranian revolution created by Khomeini, covering it with a clergy gown. In fact, Khomeini’s objective was to take revenge on history as Arabs ended the Persian Empire; thereby, preventing the Persian expansion, especially along the borders of Persia with Iraq, since the era of Cyrus II.

Readers of history can notice the similarity between Khomeini and his successor Khameinei and Hitler. Both Khomeini and Khameinei read the biography of the Nazi leader. Perhaps, they have been influenced by him to the extent that their feeling of superiority – Aryanism – was provoked.

This feeling of superiority is derived from the Iranian curriculum stating that the term ‘Aryanism’ means the eastern part of Iran or Indian-Iran is part of the Indian-European languages. This is what the Persians are bragging about today.

Hitler failed to accomplish his expansion project. He ended up committing suicide in his basement in Berlin accompanied by his mistress and his dog.

This lesson must be studied well by the Supreme Leader of Iran and the commander of exporting the revolution. He has to understand that his expansion project will lead him to a similar end like his racist ancestor Hitler.

Source » arabtimesonline