THE crumbling Kinahan cartel has forged links with Hezbollah and Iran, the Irish Sun has learned.

The gang is providing money laundering operations to the Lebanese terror group and to Iran as it comes under pressure from global authorities.

Gang boss Daniel Kinahan, his brother Christopher and dad Christy have been moving between safe houses since April after fleeing their Dubai bolt-holes.

They remain in Dubai and are understood to be exploring ways of getting out, perhaps to nearby Qatar.

The cartel has imploded since the US State Department slapped a $5million bounty on each of the family members’ heads this year.

Several mid-ranking members are reported to have fled to South America over extradition fears.

Of the Kinahans, a source said: “They have barely stopped moving around since, staying in different safe houses along the way.”

Another source said: “They’ve established money laundering links to Hezbollah and Iran.

“It’s purely about money, as Hezbollah is one of the main local laundering operations.

“Every major organised crime group on the planet will end up with a connection at some stage to Hezbollah or Iran.”

The Kinahans are a top priority for the US authorities, who are paying close attention to their links to the infamous Sinaloa cartel led by El Chapo, Joaquin Guzman, and other Mexican drug gangs.

It has all fallen apart for Daniel Kinahan, 45, who was name-checked by boxing champion Tyson Fury in 2020 for helping to organise a fight with rival Anthony Joshua.

Those links saw the superstar denied entry to the US in June, one of hundreds of people associated with Kinahan banned from the States.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has said pursuit of the Kinahans will be “relentless”.

Source » thesun