Iran Regime’s Concern Over the Inspection of Military Sites

The new remarks made by the U.S. President have sparked a wave of concerns in the Iran regime concerning the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The Vice-President of Iran and the Head of the Atomic Energy Organization in an interview with the German magazine, Spiegel, published on August 8, stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran would face economic issues if the nuclear deal were breached.

Ali Akbar Salehi added, “If the U.S. violates or annuls the agreement and if the Europe follows U.S. footsteps in this regard, the Islamic Republic will resume its former activities.”

He further stated that in the event of a violation, there would be no longer a chance to resolve the issues concerning North Korea’s nuclear activities. The main reason is that Pyongyang’s officials will no longer trust the United States and super powers.

Meanwhile, Iran’s Vice-President of the Assembly of Expert delivered a speech in the Friday Congregational Prayer on August 8 regarding the military sites. He stipulated that Iran did not make the promise to allow the inspection of its weapon and no country dare to take measure in this matter.

Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani added, “The United States is so impudent. It is not only ruthless but also impudent. The U.S. talks of inspecting Iran’s military sites. You are definitely eating crow. Who gives you such permissions? Now Amano says that the Nuclear Agency can visit military centers. He is also wrong. Iran has not promised the inspection of weapons and no country dares to take measures over this matter.”

The program executive of the Friday Prayer expressed concern over the consequences of Iran Deal and warned that the regime might face the same fate as Gaddafi’s government in Libya. “The history means to learn from others’ fates. North Korea learned from the history of events such as the disloyalty of the United States. The West looted Libyan nuclear capabilities during Gaddafi’s office without having to fulfill their obligations. A few years later, the West weakened the country and attacked it. According to the JCPOA, the enemy stresses that it can inspect any part of our sites with any pretext. The goal is not only set for the nuclear means. The objective is to disarm and target other elements of power through Iran Deal. In other words, the goal is security-related and it seems that they wish to turn Iran into something like Libya after Gaddafi.”, said Movahedi Kermani.

Meanwhile, Iran’s envoy to the UN, Gholamali Khoshroo shed the crocodile tears for the Muslims of Myanmar. He came on the stage and said, “We have to take advantage of successful diplomacies such as the JCPOA. They shall become a pattern for further international interactions. To intimidate or to make mockery of the international community are not successful policies to follow. Such conducts will lead to bad experiences (ILNA News, September 8).”

According to the Website of the Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency (, the Iranian MP, Mohammad Javad Koolivand expressed concern over U.S. sanctions stating, “We witness the disloyalties in the JCPOA. Lifting and imposing the sanctions were the articles of the deal of which the P5+1 undertook. However, they broke the promise. The U.S. blocks the interconnection of Iran and international banks. It also blocks the transfer of raw materials to the factories in Iran. All of these incidents signify that the U.S. breaches the codes (, September 8).”

Koolivand stated contradictory remarks, “The government never thought of cutting the deal. It always carries out the duties in the framework of the nuclear deal. If one of the parties breaches the deal or imposes sanctions, Iran will establish a nuclear power plant.”

Such boastful reactions are towards the disloyalty of the U.S. However, the member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, Mesbah Zazdi states, “There are some majors in the country who are now ready to bow to American authorities (Entekhab News, September 7).”

Source » ncr-iran

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