Salami indicated on Tuesday at the conference of Basiji professors of the country’s universities in Mashhad: Today, America cannot implement any plan it has in the region, and its objectives will fail. He continued: We are in the first place in many technologies. Even some superpowers have bought our weapons (Russia with respect to drones since they are running out, not because Iranian drones are superior) and offer cooperation (as a quid pro quo such as support for Iranian hacking of Albania via the ‘Justice Homeland’ group) and in the field of air defense, we have surpassed the world’s top powers. Focusing on nationalistic tendencies, Salami believes that the Iranian regime cares not for foreigners while reducing dependence on outside reliance, something he believes gives Iran strength and power.

Salami believes building modern systems is as easy as building bicycles, and we produce and use modern technologies. Because we are powerful, we are not worried about war (who is he trying to convince?). Iran stands for empowering the oppressed and establishing justice (while oppressing its people with censorship, economic problems, heavily filtered information, and justice at the end of a rope). Iran cares not about lifting sanctions or embargos since we do not seek outside support.

Salami believes the only reason no one has attacked Iran is its inherent strength, which is increasing daily. Sanctions only caused a 10% impact on Iran since Iran has the talent, capacity, and facilities to overcome all problems. We rely on our leadership’s beliefs, school, and guidance.

The major war in today’s world is the war of explanation, thinking, and thought (Cognitive Warfare). The outward manifestation force is driven via attacks on the cognitive sovereignty of people. Those who have atomic weapons use such weapons for evil purposes. He continues claiming Iranian weaponry is highly accurate, approaching 100%. Our drones include artificial intelligence and can target anything, anywhere.

Of course, Salami mentions nothing of IRGC adventurism globally, supplying weapons that target Israel and the West. Instead, he claims the West supported dictators in different countries and started World Wars I and II, bringing nothing but war and bloodshed, occupation, destruction, and displacement. Much like Iranian actions in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

“Today’s war is a war of beliefs, beliefs, and values. Of course, we must be destroyed or surrender if we are weak, but we have become an important part of the world’s power without accepting the oppressive order.”

Salami must be worried since his speech spends a lot of time discussing adversary cognitive warfare while not calling it such. He examines mental paralysis and conquering the hearts of the youth while university professors are the standard bearers of belief, faith, and thought and should raise awareness. Salami states that America has 50% of the world’s military power. Still, it has many problems from within, mentioning nothing of the massive unemployment, inflation, and IRGC siphoning of monies from Iranian coffers.

Basiji professors: “The enemy has a desire to prevail in cyberspace and distorts reality.” Today, the virtual space is the most dangerous space for confrontation with the enemy (which is why Iran filters anything from the outside, censors any contrary thought, and oppresses anyone who states an opposing viewpoint). Enemy activities in cyberspace include total domination and reality distortion.

We have two thousand organized and active cyber battalions, and the situation has improved regarding content, operations, and infrastructure. When the national information network is fully launched, we will reduce even more influence. Nevertheless, the regime strives to censor and control the minds of Iranian citizens.

We control our social media platforms and various programs, such as the use of internal messengers and search engines. We strive for independence in cyberspace, something Europe and the West see as internal mind control and brainwashing. He blames all ills on outsiders and the previous Iranian administration.

From a brave commenter: “Downplaying the role of sanctions is not the right thing to do. The country’s economy and, accordingly, the livelihood of most people have been seriously damaged. Please make lifting the sanctions a priority.”