Hackers are believed to be behind high-profile cyberattacks against Israel

The identities of five top Iranian hackers behind large-scale cyberattacks across the world were revealed by opposition outlet Iran International.

The exposed are leaders of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ cyber wing.

Among them, Amid Reza Lachkarian, 61, who is the commander of the cyber unit of the Iranian paramilitary organization. According to the information relayed, he is likely to be behind the order to attack Western ships and cyberattacks damaging the distribution of fuel in 2021.

The four other officials, whose identities were disclosed by the Saudi-funded news site, are believed to be behind the most publicized cyber attacks attributed to Iran in recent months.

Each of them is said to be leading their own group of Islamic Republic-backed hackers, some of which are said to operate from outside Iran’s borders.

Among these, the Black Shadow group, which disclosed numerous files and personal details of Israeli members of the insurance company Shirbit or of people registered on the homosexual dating site Atraf.

In recent months, Albania itself was the victim of several large-scale cyberattacks attributed to Iran, with which it decided to sever diplomatic ties last week. In the process, Washington declared that the possibility of resorting to Article 5 of NATO, of which Albania is a member, would soon be discussed within the alliance.

Article 5 obliges NATO to a systematic military response when one of its members is attacked.

Source » i24news