Each year, training courses for PIJ operatives are offered at the Shahid Shaabani base. Hundreds of operatives are trained in guerrilla warfare, using arms, preparing explosives, and more.

Most of the operatives come to Iran from the Gaza Strip, Syria, and Lebanon, and are closely accompanied by Quds Force from the moment they arrive and throughout the entire course. The training program ends with an extensive maneuver in which senior PIJ officials Ziad Nakhala and Akram Ajouri take part.

After completing the course, the operatives return to their countries of origin, though some remain in Iran for additional, more complex training.

ifmat - Training provided by Quds Force for PIJ operatives at the Shahid Shaabani base in Iran

The Shahid Shaabani site (coordinates 35.03257, 51.87458):
a. Training area (1).
b. Residential buildings for the Palestinian trainees (2).
c. Administrative area + showers (3).
d. Large water tank (4).
e. Kitchen and eating area (5).
f. A military area that only Iranians may enter (6).