Baroness Redfern spoke during a conference held at the United Kingdom’s Parliament on September 12, in support of the Iranian people’s uprising on its first anniversary. Reflecting on her own experiences, she highlighted the courage of those fighting for freedom in Iran.

Baroness Redfern praised Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s commitment to freedom and the NCRI’s Ten-Point Plan, which offers a democratic alternative for Iran. She called on Western governments to proscribe the IRGC, the main suppressor of dissidents and exporter of terrorism. Baroness Redfern concluded by expressing her belief in the value of fighting for freedom and the ultimate goal of a free Iran.

The text of Baroness Refern’s speech follows:

Yes, thank you very much for inviting me today and can I say listening to all the previous speakers, I think it’s been most revealing what is happening and still happening in Iran. As I was getting ready this morning to come to the conference, I had a knock at the door and it just made me reflect on what it must be like for those women and girls who are fighting for their freedom, what it must be like to get a knock on the door.

We live in a free country, I could open my door and speak to whoever it was, not have something that somebody can just come and take and take away me for interrogation. Freedom is so important and have a right to speak and to have colleagues who are with you all the step of the way.

Can I say I was at the Paris conference in 2018 where we had a foiled bomb plot and that many hundreds of people were there and their voices were loud and clear and can I say in 2023 their voices are even louder and clearer for a free Iran.

To Maryam Rajavi, can I just say I had the pleasure of meeting with her and her commitment and courage for freedom in Iran and for freedom of speech. The NCRI’s Ten-Point Plan provides a respectable and reliable alternative, among other things calls for a non-nuclear secular and democratic republic that respects the rights of women and minorities.

Western governments must also proscribe the IRGC which is Tehran’s main arm for suppressing dissidents at home and exporting terrorism around the world. Again here I have to say time is precious but to be free without intimidation is a prize worth fighting for. The truth must be told and Iran will be free.

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