On Sunday, September 22nd, 200 IRGC speedboats and Army frigates will participate in a full array show of force of the Khomeinist regime’s military units in the Persian Gulf. The day marks the anniversary of what Tehran calls the Holy Defense Week which marks the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war.

Basij Commander Bahman Kargar, Chief of Staff Commemorating Holy Defense Week announced that on this, the 39th anniversary nine national programs, 1,700 provincial programs and more than 6,000 city-wide programs in cities and villages nationwide during Holy Defense Week, had been planned. Kargar said: “Sunday, which has been designated as the might, capability and authority of our armed forces day will also be marked by the parade of the Armed Forces, to exhibit our industrial and defense might throughout the country.” He went on to report: “This year we will hold two grand parades, one in Tehran, which is in charge of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and will be attended by President Hassan Rouhani at the shrine of Imam Khomeini. Another is the Grand Parade in Bandar Abbas, which will be held by the military forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”
Iranian military sources also report that regime brass, such as the Islamic Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and a number of high ranking IRGC commanders are slated to attend the ceremony in the southern city of Bandar Abbas in Hormozgan province, located on the Persian Gulf.
The Khomeinist regime’s forces who were responsible for the September 15th ballistic missile attack on the Saudi Aramco’s oil plants, intend to convey “peace and friendship” to the countries of the region, as the message of their military events, claiming that “the security of the region depends on the unity of the neighbours and no foreign troops are required in the region.”

Source » thefreeiranian