John Kerry should be held accountable for giving advice to Iranian regime terrorists

John Kerry should be held accountable for giving advice to Iran, a sworn enemy of the United States, says a veteran conservative activist.

Kerry, the former secretary of state during the Obama administration, has acknowledged he met with Iran’s top leaders at the same time the Trump administration was pulling the U.S. from the controversial nuclear deal.

Obama and Kerry claimed the nuclear deal was a key achievement, though details that leaked out over weeks and months suggested the U.S. had repeatedly capitulated to Iran’s demands.

Kerry told Fox News last week that he has met “two or three times” with Iranian officials, an admission that comes after the Boston Globe claimed earlier this year that Kerry met with Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, last April.

Gary Bauer of American Values says it appears that Kerry was giving aid and comfort to our enemy by advising the regime’s leaders to patiently wait for the 2020 elections when, hopefully, Trump could be defeated and the nuclear deal could be salvaged.

“So it’s really a disgusting attempt by a leading figure on the progressive wing of the Democratic Party,” complains Bauer, “to give aid and comfort to a sworn enemy of the United States, and of Israel.”

Responding to Kerry’s interview on Fox News, President Trump used Twitter to suggest that Kerry had conducted “illegal meetings” with Iranian leaders, suggesting that Kerry might have violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also blasted Kerry for his actions, saying there was “no precedent for this in U.S. history.”

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