A living example of Shakespeare’s famous sentence in novel Macbeth, which says, “Liars and swearers are fools”, is a person named Gjergji Thanasi. The media, not affiliated with the Iranian regime, introduce him as one of the agents of the Iranian Ministry of Information (MOIS), who is conducting a demonization campaign against Iranian refugees, members of the MEK in Albania. On September 18, 2023, several explosions occurred in the northern city of Gorgan in Iran. Gjergji Thanasi immediately attributed the explosion to the MEK in Albania on his Facebook and implied that upon the orders of the MEK, Gorgan in Iran was attacked with several rockets and left significant damages and injuries.

On the same day, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) which is responsible for the repression and bloodshed of the Iranian people in anti-government protests in recent days, announced that the IRGC made a mistake in the missile tests it conducted and the missile hit the city of Gorgan.


In order to make his falsehood believable, Gjergji Thanasi refers to his February 2020 trip to Gorgan, which, according to the reports, MOIS took him to Iran to use him as a tool for propaganda purposes against MEK.
In another piece of lie, Gjergji Thanasi published another falshood in the Albanian press that the MEK leaders were forcibly to return a person who left Camp Ashraf in Manez to the camp, and that Police Station No. 4 in Tirana is dealing with this matter. However, Iran Probe’s investigation shows that this person was expelled from Ashraf and MEK a few days before Gjergji Thanasi’s lies and was told to leave Ashraf. After leaving Ashraf, this person had a conflict with other agents of the Iranian regime in Tirana, and because of this involved Police Station No. 4, and he had nothing to do with the MEK in Ashraf and Manez.

Last year, the American company Microsoft, which was invited by the Albanian government to conduct an investigation on the cyber-attack of the Iranian regime on Albania, revealed that Gjergji Thanasi, aligned with the Iranian regime, was amplifying the hacker’s propaganda called “Justice Homeland” against Albania before and after the cyber attack.
The Iranian regime pays a lot of money to its agents to lie and demonize against the MEK so that it can justify its terrorist attacks against its only democratic alternative, the MEK.
“Liars and swearers are fools”, because the truth is revealed and according to an English philosopher, lying is a sign of a person’s defeat in his malicious and dirty intentions.

Source » iranprobe