A military commander from the Iranian Armed Forces said on Wednesday that the Houthi (var. Ansarallah) forces are 400 times stronger than they were four years ago.

The spokesperson for the Iranian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Abu Al-Fadl Shukarji, told Iran’s Fars News Agency that the Houthi forces are a powerful entity that will not surrender their ground inside Yemen.

Shukarji said the Houthi capabilities have put them in position to win the war in Yemen and threaten all those who oppose them in the region.

“If the aggression on Yemen continues for another four years, their strength will push to 4,000 times greater and the forces of aggression only surrender to Yemen,” he added.

Over the last four years, the Houthi forces have developed a very powerful missile arsenal that possesses the ability to strike several sites in the region.

The Houthi forces have repeatedly showcased these capabilities in their attacks on Saudi Arabia and nearby countries like the United Arab Emirates.

Source » almasdarnews