The spokesperson for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has threatened a vigorous response to counter the “hostile activities of the enemy in the media sphere.”

Ramezan Sharif called for launching an offensive against anti-regime media as the revolutionary tide continues to deepen and threaten the Islamic Republic’s stability.

Iranian regime authorities, including commanders from the Revolutionary Guard, have frequently issued threats against media outlets operating abroad, such as Iran International.

During his address on Monday, Sharif alleged that media outlets globally are under the control of individuals who shape the narrative for their respective organizations while pursuing their own vested interests.

Last week, Iran’s Intelligence Minister, Esmaeil Khatib, issued a stark warning to Persian-language media outlets operating outside Iran, asserting that support from other nations will not dissuade Tehran from pursuing “aggressive” actions against them.

The intelligence ministry had previously labeled Iran International employees as “enemies of the state,” vowing punishment for those who allegedly serve foreign interests and betray their country.

The threats come amid widespread arrests of journalists in Iran, particularly during the “Women, Life, Freedom” protests, part of a harsh crackdown on dissent.

International human rights organizations consistently rank Iran among the world’s foremost oppressors of journalists and free speech.

Source » iranintl