Project 2 – critical raw material production infrastructure for rockets and missiles

Unit 340 is engaged in disseminating knowledge to proxy organizations. The knowledge relates to the production of raw materials for improving rocket range and efficiency. Aluminum powder and ammonium perchlorate (AP), used in the manufacture of solid rocket propellant, are among the raw materials.

Aluminum powder:

Representatives of various proxies visit Iran for training at Iranian aluminum powder production facilities. Aluminum powder is used as a heat amplifier in rocket propellants and thermobaric explosives. Iran’s efforts include teaching PIJ how to produce aluminum powder independently. The PIJ’s Gaza Strip project leader is Imad Alajez.

The project is receiving assistance from Malek Ashtar University, under Dr. Ali Mehdi Pour Omrani, a renowned HE expert and explosives lab head at Malek Ashtar. He is a former member of Iran’s Amad Project for developing a nuclear weapon and managed the SPND Explosive Research Center.

Ammonium perchlorate (AP)

In recent years, representatives of various proxies have visited Iran for training in AP production. AP is used to produce solid propellant for rockets and missiles. In 2018, three PIJ operatives visited Iran for training. They were Abu Ali, Abu Ahmed, and Abu Hudhayfah.
Iran helped PIJ to establish an AP production plant, called ‘the Farm’ in Syria. The site was so secret that it was concealed even from the Syrian regime.

Aluminum powder production process

Drawing of a part of the aluminum powder production system

Summary of AP production training

AP Production Document

Drawing part of the AP production line