Political prisoner Majid Khademi has received a sentence of four years and four months in addition to 45 lashes from the Criminal Court of Behbahan. Khademi is currently serving a prior sentence in Behbahan Prison.

As per the verdict, Khademi has been given a three-year and six-month sentence for “arson,” along with ten months for “disturbing public order,” bringing the total to four years and four months, coupled with 45 lashes. Of this sentence, two years have been suspended for five years.

For another part of his legal case, Khademi was initially sentenced to ten years and one month by Mahshahr Revolutionary Court. However, following a plea of no contest, for one charge, the sentence was reduced to five years and five months for “assembly and collusion against national security,” down from six years and three months. His convictions of two years and six months for “propaganda against the regime” and one year and four months for “membership in anti-regime groups” remain unchanged. For these sentences, five years and five months have been enforced.

Khademi commenced serving his sentence in Behbahan Prison on August 22.

He was arrested by IRGC Intelligence on January 18, 2020, and subsequently held in a detention facility in Behbahan City for one month of interrogation before being transferred to Behbahan Prison. On June 15, 2021, Khademi was released on bail of 2.5 billion tomans pending the conclusion of legal proceedings.

Source » en-hrana