Cypriot authorities on Tuesday arrested an Azeri national on suspicion that he was hired to target Israelis.

According to the report in Cypriot media, several mercenaries have been following a well-known businessman and his associates in the island nation in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Local media outlet ANT1 alleged that the Iranians had contracted several mercenaries with the aim of killing and potentially abducting businessmen based in Cyprus.

Knews said that the suspect, 38, was detained on Monday in Engomi, in western Nicosia, following an undercover investigation. At the time of his arrest, the suspect was found in possession of a handgun with a silencer and said to be casing the office building of a businessman living on the island.

Police were “keeping details of an arrest in Engomi under wraps,” the report said.

Knews cited an unnamed police official as saying that the suspect was slated to be arraigned on Tuesday and was expected to be remanded.

Source » israelhayom