Information recently received from an official German banking committee member in Berlin, sheds the light on the special monitory arrangements agreed upon CBI and the Deutsche Bundesbank.

The information provided indicates CBI is remitting top decision makers at Deutsche Bundesbank for establishing an alternative banking infrastructure in Germany for Iranian banks.

The information refers to three designated banks currently operating in London, which will be provided with the ability to use the banking facilities of Varengold bank (Hamburg) and other regional banks, using it as a platform for all its financial and illicit international financial activity.

According to the information obtained, the Iranian banks are Melli, PIB and Melat, all of which will be granted with the ability to conduct international transactions via Varengold bank, despite U.S. sanctions.

Varengold bank owners are also being paid off by CBI for their role in the above mentioned scheme.

Furthermore, we have learned, CBI is using their Iranian companies operating in Germany (Dusseldorf and Hamburg) as “agents” to allow discreet payments of fees for these mentioned special services.
The above mentioned details, evidently reveals an illicit conduct by official and private German individuals, whom illicitly exploit their federal responsibilities.