At the end of the national Sacred Defense Week and the days of commemoration of the birth of the Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) and Unity Week, a group of commanders and high officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) convened for a gathering under the motto “Glory of Unity” at the Imam Hossein University in the northeast of Tehran, the Iranian capital on Monday.

Addressing the gathering, the IRGC commander described the Sacred Defense (defending the nation against the foreign-backed Baathist regime in the 1980-88 war) as an epic that went down in Islam’s history.

He hailed the unity and brotherhood between the ranks of the IRGC and Iranian army forces, saying that the unity between those two different Iranian armed forces on the battlefields during the imposed war was the unity of Islam’s forces.

“Today, the unity and brotherhood between the Army and the IRGC is at its peak thanks to the command of the Commander-in-Chief [the Leader of the Islamic Revolution],” he underscored.

General Salami went on to note that the Iranian armed forces’ power has roots in the forces’ belief in “martyrdom” and Islamic values.

Source » mehrnews