Students across universities in Tehran have been called to the Ministry of Intelligence for questioning as crackdowns on dissidents continue.

On the one-year anniversary of the security forces’ attack on Sharif University of Technology, students from the university, as well as those from Tehran University and AmirKabir University, were summonsed.

Also, in the wake of the widespread expulsion of university professors, two additional professors from AmirKabir University and Tehran University have faced suspension and expulsion.

Sharif Today, a Telegram channel that reports on university events, disclosed that during Sunday and Monday, alongside the anniversary of the security forces’ assault on Sharif University, “some student activists” were called into the Ministry of Intelligence through anonymous phone calls.

Simultaneously, Amir Kabir University Newsletter reported that the roundup extended to several other universities, including AmirKabir University, and Tehran University.

The student newsletter confirmed that the summoning of students took place “less than a day after the Ministry of Intelligence had summoned certain professors.”

“Although a week has passed since universities reopened, security pressures on the academic institutions to suppress and retaliate against the student movement have reached unprecedented levels over the past four decades,” it added.

The latest crackdown is a continuation of the repression seen across universities which have been a hotbed of dissent since the unrest began last year.

Source » iranintl