Failure is chasing the mullah regime in Iran, especially with the explosions of vital installations in the country, which have increased dramatically over the past year.

Iranian opposition media revealed an explosion in a secret missile center of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) west of Tehran on September 27, noting that it is a secret missile base belonging to the Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group (SHIG), and a satellite intelligence company published pictures of this explosion, which destroyed about a quarter of the building.

For its part, the IRGC did not clarify any details about the incident, while the Iranian News Agency (IRNA) reported that two IRGC members were killed in a fire at the IRGC research center in Bid Ganeh Malard, namely Hossein Abedi and Morteza Karimi.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Iran has witnessed explosions in vital facilities, as the year 2020 witnessed several explosions, most notably the explosion of the Natanz nuclear complex in June 2020, followed by the explosion of a complex for the manufacture of military equipment.

Despite this, Iranian officials did not know the causes of these explosions, but they accused Israel and the United States for being responsible.

Hidden target

Osama al-Hatimi, a writer specializing in Iranian affairs, explained that the explosion that occurred in one of the secret IRGC missile centers cannot be viewed apart from what Iran has witnessed in recent years, as the frequency has escalated this year, with multiple explosions and fires in nuclear and industrial facilities, in addition to military bases, which led to huge losses and the destruction of large parts of these facilities. This no longer leaves any doubt among observers that what is happening is not fateful events, but rather it is part of a hidden war.

Hatimi pointed out in an exclusive statement to the Reference that the message that the parties responsible for such incidents want to send is that they have the ability to destroy Iran’s might, including Tehran’s secret capabilities, and therefore Tehran should not cross the red lines with regard to the role it is supposed to play in the region, a role that is threatened by Iranian attempts to acquire nuclear weapons.

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