North Korea’s and Iran’s similar missiles

The alarming comments come after the Islamic republic showed off its powerful missile soon after President Hassan Rouhani vowed to boost his nation’s firepower.

It is thought the Khorramshahr ballistic weapon could travel 1,242 miles – putting its sworn enemy, Israel, within range.

The US has declared it will defend the Jewish-majority country from any attacks.

Boffins have said the missile looks similar to Pyongyang’s Hwasong-10 bomb – proving the two states are cooperating.

Missile expert Jeffery Lewis said: “The very first missiles we saw in Iran were simply copies of North Korean missiles.

“Over the years, we’ve seen photographs of North Korean and Iranian officials in each other’s countries, and we’ve seen all kinds of common hardware.”

Israeli defence boffin Tal Inbar added that tests carried out by the North involved precision missiles developed with Iranian military tech.

He said: “The ‘accuracy revolution’ is a process we see in many countries’ rockets and missile forces.

“North Korea’s close ally, Iran, which bought the technical know-how on ballistic missiles with a forward section containing a set of moveable fins and guidance equipment.”

Source » dailystar

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