Iranian state television broadcast Thursday what it said were “confessions” by two French nationals, five months after they were arrested in the Islamic Republic.

In a video aired on the Arabic-language Al-Alam channel, French teachers’ union official Cecile Kohler says she is an “agent of the DGSE” French intelligence service.

Kohler and her partner Jacques Paris have been detained in Iran since May 7 and stand accused by authorities of seeking to stir labor unrest in the country.

Iran said later that month that it had arrested two French nationals who had entered the country on tourist visas.

France condemned the arrest of the pair as “baseless” and called for their immediate release.

In the recording, Kohler says she and Paris were in Iran “to prepare the conditions for the revolution and the overthrow of the Iranian Islamist regime.”

She said they had planned to finance strikes and demonstrations and even use weapons “to fight against the police.”

According to Paris, who was also shown in the video, the DGSE’s objectives “were to put pressure on the Iranian government.”

Source » alarabiya